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Centro Europeu de Línguas is a fully-accredited, locally-owned private language centre founded in 1982. We currently manage two schools in Lisbon and can provide language training anywhere in Portugal.

Our aim is to provide education and training in European languages within a perspective of citizenship and lifelong learning. Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of each student.

Every year, Centro Europeu de Línguas is responsible for helping hundreds of people to improve their language skills. This means bringing out the best in all the children, young people and adults who choose us to help them to learn better, in addition to the professional language training we provide at several national and multinational organisations and institutions from both the public and the private sector.

We know that language is inseparably linked to everyday life, art and culture. That’s why we provide a complete experience, including language learning and a full programme of activities, including art, design, drama…

    At our schools, students are cared for by competent, experienced, specially-trained Education Tutors, working as a team together with our Director of Studies. Their job is to ensure your learning experience is a complete success. All of the Centro Europeu de Línguas teaching team hold appropriate qualification and certification
    for language teaching. In fact, our school is the only establishment officially accredited in Portugal to run Introductory Training for Language Teachers.
    At CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS schools, each student is unique. Our experience in advising each learner on the most appropriate approach to language learning sets us apart from the rest.


The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages provides for the harmonisation of language levels across Europe, and makes the identification of the language levels and active communication skills of all our students both clearer and more transparent.

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