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These courses are designed to provide a professional solution for those with advanced knowledge and skills in 2 or more languages and who wish to obtain initial vocational training in translation. The course programmes are available for consultation in our schools.

The Course
The course may be taken in English/Portuguese or French/Portuguese and has a duration of 2 academic years. Content includes translation technique and practice, interpreting technique and practice and IT skills for translation.

Enrolment Requirements
Applicants should have completed 12th grade high school qualification or (preferably) a first degree in the languages they wish to study.

Given the eminently practical nature of the course, evaluation is based on continuous assessment, including the development of the students’ skills throughout the course, participation in course sessions and the result of the annual exam.


The Course
The course is available to applicants wishing to teach Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish or German as a foreign language. Although the course includes the use of all the languages of the participants, a good knowledge of Portuguese is advisable. The 100-hour programme provides an analysis of how and why language is taught and learned, active practice of teaching techniques, the use of new technology in the language classroom and a sound theoretical background in language pedagogy.

Enrolment Requirements
Applicants should have completed a first degree in language or in the humanities.

Course evaluation includes the following components:
1. Attendance
2. Continuous assessment (development over the course, participation in course sessions)
3. Presentation of a language item (structure or lexis) with clarity and simplicity
4. Active teaching practice: each participant will be assessed on at least 2 60-minute teaching simulations
5. Research project