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Companies and Institutions

Professional Training in Foreign Languages for Companies and Institutions

40 years of experience

Centro Europeu de Línguas has specialized in this area since the beginning of our activity, in 1982.

Syllabus specific

We prepare a learning program specifically for each client and help our trainees to exceed their expectations.

Trainers who motivate

Our trainers are active,
qualified, motivating and determined to help trainees produce their best.

Trainers who motivate

Official and transparent certification through the SIGO system.

Combine the useful with the pleasant

We ensure that the course produces clear and relevant results for daily professional life in a relaxed environment that fosters success.

Management Team

Centro Europeu de Línguas is a training entity certified by DGERT and knows how to organize and document all stages of training.

  • We have 30 years of proven experience in this sector. We create specialized programs for specific professional purposes.
  • We have a team of highly specialized teachers.
  • We create a specific program for each organization.
  • We are specialists in managing the Pedagogical Technical Dossier process.
  • We create training programs aimed at the development of language skills combined with the development of other techniques and communication skills.
  • We have been recognized since 1999 by DGERT.
  • We create programs by objectives and help your employees to exceed your expectations.