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Knowledge Assessment


Following the national and European guidelines, with regard to the Recognition, Validation and Certification of Skills (a process through which the learning that adults develop throughout life is recognized, in the various contexts in which they are inserted, provided that they are capable of generating knowledge and skills), the CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS gives you the possibility to attest and certify your linguistic knowledge in several languages of the European Union (namely English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese as a foreign language… among others

Through this procedure, interested parties can carry out a language assessment, in order to have a language skills certificate, issued based on what they have learned through life experience, outside the formal education and training systems. In this way, the intention is to increase the level of qualification and employability of active adults and encourage lifelong training.
In specific terms, the process allows each adult to have the language skills they have acquired recognised, for which they must schedule their assessment at a CENTRO EUROPEU DE LÍNGUAS school.